ohio TOP 10 in VIEWS

#1. YOUNG SMURF - 383,000 views in 31 Battles for a 12,000 view per battle ratio.

#2. QUEEN VIXEN - 339,000 views in 21 Battles for a 16,000 view per battle ratio.

#3. J-GEANS - 327,000 views in 17 Battles for a 19,000 view per battle ratio.

#4. CHETTA - 320,000 views in 12 Battles for a 26,000 view per battle ratio.

#5. STICHEM UP - 229,000 views in 17 Battles for a 13,000 view per battle ratio.

#6. PRETTY HIPPE - 208,000 views in 18 Battles for a 12,000 view per battle ratio.

#7. FONZ - 194,000 views in 12 Battles for a 16,000 view per battle ratio.

#8. BLACK RAIN - 187,000 views in 14 Battles for a 13,000 view per battle ratio.

#9. DALLAS CASH - 184,000 views in 56 Battles for a 3,000 view per battle ratio.

#10. LADY MEATRICE - 166,000 views in 14 Battles for a 12,000 view per battle ratio.

ohio top 10 in accomplishments

#1. FONZ - The URL contracted battle rapper has graduated from the PG's & the One-Offs. The Born Legacy & URL Madness $25,000 contest winner is a hot name among the Battle Rap world fresh off his Ave battle.

#2. CHETTA - Chetta has a high major win versus 40 Barrs on the high major stage of QOTR to her credit along with another huge victory versus O'fficial.

#3. QUEEN VIXEN - The Queen finds herself still highly ranked in Ohio Battle Rap accomplishments. Her resume has a plethora of top QOTR names on it at this point in her career.

#4. YOUNG SMURF - The only thing missing from Young Smurf's resume to catapult him higher is a KOTD quality matchup or two. His opponent listing is one of the best in Ohio Battle Rap.

#5. J SLASH - Slash has 3 URL PG battles, 2 RBE 1SK battles, a win versus URL major platform star Glueazy, and a host of other credible opponents and platforms on his resume.

#6. CASINO(Cincinnati) - Casino has battled Hitman Holla, had 2 URL PG's (one of which was a Banned Legacy), is still active in the URL Crucible and more to his resume.

#7. DALLAS CASH - The platform king also has a solid list of opponents and a few who have touched major platforms. A model of consistency in the game.

#8. EL OH ESS - The versatile battle rapper has had 2 URL PG's and also had 2 KOTD GZ's as well. Los is a unique talent that can flourish on any platform.

#9. FLAWLESS - This woman has an impressive resume full of major platform appearances like QOTR and major name opponents like QB Black Diamond.

#10. CASINO(Dayton) - Chipstackin Casino is a BullPen Battle Lg full time member who has a yet to drop Head Ice battle under his resume among many others.

ohio top 10 in current status

#1. FONZ - Fonz has taken off and created separation in the ranks of OhioBattleRap. He is the king of the State and one of the best in the entire midwest.

#2. CHETTA - An insanely fast riser in the ranks of battle rap. Chetta brings a street-felt passion that is unique in many ways. A destined star of the future.

#3. J SLASH - Slash is the only OhioBattleRap person who has multiple URL & RBE battles & drops.

#4. DALLAS CASH - The platform king and most experienced major platform battler in Ohio is primed for a breakthrough on KOTD with his five GZ Battles, 1 RBE 1sk, Franchise, Ill Will & more on his resume.

#5. YOUNG SMURF - Ohio's KOTD/GZ king is victim only to his current major platform being rated slightly below the URL & RBE & their recent pandemic inactivity. Smurf does have 1 RBE 1sk among his many accomplishments though.

#6. QUEEN VIXEN - The queen has a ton of major platform opponents and appearances to more than solidify her position and make her debatable for a higher placement.

#7. CASINO(Cincinnati) - With battles on URL & versus Hitman Holla, Casino is still a hot name. His URL Crucible advancement is another nod to his resume.

#8. P.A.Y.N.E. - Mr. 106 & Park has also had a URL PG, as well as an RBE 1sk to go along with several "name" opponents. Charlie Clips TV W's, URL Crucible advancement and more give Payne a strong resume.

#9. ELL OH ESS - His 2 URL PG's & KOTD/GZ battles along with opponents like Chef Trez cement him in the rankings in OhioBattleRap.

#10. FLAWLESS - Ohio's most experienced female has QOTR and QB Black Diamond on her resume among many other items.