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south top 15 in views

#1. J-GEANS - 327,000 views in 17 Battles for a 19,000 view per battle ratio.

#2. YOUNG DIESEL/PRETTY HIPPIE - 208,000 views in 18 Battles for a 12,000 view per battle ratio.

#3. BLACK RAIN - 187,000 views in 14 Battles for a 13,000 view per battle ratio.

#4. CASINO(Cincinnati) - 126,000 views in 14 Battles for a 9,000 view per battle ratio.

#5. SKIP JONES - 111,000 views in 10 Battles for a 11,000 view per battle ratio.

#6. CASINO(Dayton) - 93,000 views in 16 Battles for a 5,800 view per battle ratio.

#7. PRINCE CITY - 45,000 views in 30 Battles for a 1,500 view per battle ratio.

#8. LADII TUNEZ - 40,000 views in 15 Battles for a 2,700 view per battle ratio.

#9. KJ TOO REAL - 28,000 views in 23 Battles for a 1,200 view per battle ratio.

#10. JAY TOMB - 25,000 views in 12 Battles for a 2,100 view per battle ratio.

#11. PRY THE GREAT - 20,000 views in 30 Battles for a 700 view per battle ratio.

south top 10 in accomplishments

#1. CASINO(Cincinnati) - Casino has 2 URL PG's (1 Banned Legacy) to his credit as well as a huge battle versus Hitman Holla and his 2nd rd still active URL Crucible status. With lots of quality appearances versus the State's old and new competition, Casino is solidified in his position and only needing the big stage and/or opponents to rise in National rankings. 

#2. CASINO(Dayton) - Chipstackin Casino is in a unique position. As the only BullPen Battle League battler in Ohio he has a major platform spot solidified to his credit that makes a case for the top spot when paired with major platform opponents like Head Ice, Bill Collector, Gauge, Goddie Lumenati, & So Severe to solidify that portion of his resume. Casino has a bright future in the game with multiple opportunities coming soon. If his Head Ice footage ever drops, that could push him higher here too. 

#3. PRETTY HIPPIE/YOUNG DIESEL - his 68K battle versus URL's Qleen Paper & his URL Unity 2 Battle are the highlights to an underrated resume that includes local wars with the old and new regimes of the area.

#4. BLACK RAIN - Black Rain established his presence and maintained quality performances throughout his short battle count. As of late, Black Rain also was chosen for the URL Crucible. Yet another battle rapper who only needs bigger stages and/or opponents to rise in the Ohio Battle Rap rankings.

#5. J-GEANS - J-Geans has almost a half million views and is just missing that big stage and/or opponent like so many other talented Ohio battle rappers. He has old and new regime battlers to his resume's credit highlighted by his next iBattle matchup vs Zay.

#6. KJ TOO REAL - A battle rapper fast building a solid resume and reputation in the game. O-Solo, Ty Law, Ell Oh Ess, Panic, J Slash, LL Coogi & more are all on his current resume.

#7. PRY THE GREAT - Pry's resume includes Young Kannon, C3, Holmzie The God & more. Pry is a rising vet in the Southern Region of Ohio.

#8. PRINCE CITY - A long standing battle rapper in this region who has faced many top level opponents there as well as Ty Law, Black Gemini, Young Smurf & more.

#9. LADII TUNEZ - Ladii Tunez has battled all the top Ohio competition to grace the QOTR stage and more then held her own in all the matchups. Well deserving of a major platform look.

#10. BIG CHAUNCEY - The battle rapper has been on a streak of quality opponents and battles that earns him a ranking on top of his skill level.

south top 10 in current status

#1. CASINO(Cincinnati) - Casino is in a spot where he represents his area at the moment to the masses. He is in the 2nd round of the URL Crucible, has done URL PG's, battled Hitman Holla and is still hot right now to this day.

#2. CASINO(Dayton) - Chipstackin Casino is in a unique position where his comeback could be on a variety of leagues and versus a variety of names due to his solidified position in the culture.

#3. BLACK RAIN - Another top tier presence in the Southern Ohio battle scene. A variety of quality opponents in his list of battles have brought him to local legend status.

#4. PRETTY HIPPIE - Hippie has one big name battle under his belt and is actively battling at a high level. URL Unity, iBattle, plus top OhioBattleRap matchups consistently put his status on full display.

#5. J-GEANS - A consistent battler in both eras of Southern Ohio Battle Rap. A ton of views, quality local opposition, and a strong skill set in the sport. iBattle Owner/URL Scout Lexx Luthor is among the people looking to assist in the ascension of the legend.

#6. LADII TUNEZ - A slept on battler who shows potential to increase her value. Next up for a major platform appearance in this Region.

#7. BIG CHAUNCEY - This man has created a huge buzz right out the gate of his young career. A sure heavy hitter for the near future at least who already has some of OhioBattleRap's best on his resume.

#8. PRY THE GREAT - Another battler from the high view Southern Ohio older regime who also has battles in the current era as well. Pry is consistently adding to his status and could move up soon.

#9. KJAY TOO REAL - KJay has leveled up his penmanship and has an impressive resume full of names from major platforms in his bio.

#10. MARQO MAZI - This is another battle rapper who has jumped onto a classic scene and made an immediate impact. With more activity, his placement could rise fast.