northwest top 10 in views

#1. GHIFTD - 151,000 views in 15 Battles for a 10,000 view per battle ratio..

#2. P.A.Y.N.E. - 75,000 views in 14 Battles for a 5,400 view per battle ratio.

#3. SHOWKASE - 36,000 views in 29 Battles for a 1,200 view per battle ratio.

#4. FIF ELEMENT - 13,000 views in 12 Battles for a 1,100 view per battle ratio.

#5. RECK - 12,100 views in 13 Battles for a 900 views per battle ratio.

#6. T-MATTE - 8,000 views in 9 Battles for a 900 view per battle ratio. 

#7. TANK - 5,700 views in 5 Battles for a 1,100 view per battle ratio.

#8. OMEGA - 3,500 views in 4 Battles for a 800 view per battle ratio.

#9. BONES - 3,000 views in 4 Battles for a 750 views per battle ratio.

#10. KING CHI - 3,000 views in 6 Battles 500 view per battle ratio.

northwest top 10 in accomplishments

#1. P.A.Y.N.E. - Payne is easily the hottest battle rapper in the NW Region and one of the hottest in Ohio. With a powerful run of elevation bringing a recent solidification to his already distinguished resume of 106 & Park Championship status, Charlie Clips Talent Search wins, RBE 1sk, URL PG & URL Crucible initial advancement. Payne needs only the right look and the right stage for a quick ascension up not only Ohio Battle Rap ranks but the entire game.

#2. GHIFTD - Not only does Ghiftd maintain a 10,000 view per battle ratio, he has a solid list of names on his resume. Having battled on Grindtime several times, he also has faced opponents like Real Deal, Young Gattas, G Souldier and more. Ghiftd has remained relevant for over a decade in the game.

#3. SHOWKASE - Showkase has a URL West major platform battle & a KOTD/GZ performance to solidify his resume. A true vet of the game missing the next big stage and/or big name opportunity. 

#4. FIF ELEMENT - Fif Element is a battler with 5 on camera matchups, but one of those holds extra weight being versus URL & all major platform battler Real Deal. 

#5. RECK - Debuted on This is Hip Hop TV for their biggest battle to date. Shows serious potential in his skill set and has faced Ohio Battle Rap top tier talent in the vast majority of his battles. Reck is hot right now.

#6. BONES - Bones looks primed to continue his fast rise up the charts. Heavy potential and quality substance as is now.

#7. T-MATTE - T-Matte is a NW Regional battler who competes all over Ohio. He has a blossoming career and unique authenticity that is relatable.

#8. KING CHI - King Chi only has 5 on camera battles but shows promise having a core fanbase and legit talent.

#9. TANK - Tank is a battler with 5 battles and a solid base to an up and coming career. One battle alone has over 3K views. 

#10. OMEGA - Omega has a 2K view battle to his name in his short 4 battle career to show a raise in his rank is possible in the future.

northwest top 10 in CURRENT STATUS

#1. P.A.Y.N.E. - He is the scariest opponent in this region and one of the hottest in Ohio Battle Rap fresh off of an amazing run of quality platforms and opponents. Bigger things on the horizon for the battler seem inevitable.

#2. RECK - The battle rapper has a uniqueness that should allow him to rise up the Ohio Battle Rap ranks. He has taken off as of late and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

#3. GHIFTD - His career resume positions him here and his skill level positions him to rise even further if battling more.

#4. SHOWKASE - Multiple major platform appearances hold his weight comfortably overall.

#5. FIF ELEMENT - The battler has the major platform opponent to hold his position in the top 5 for the NW.

#6. BONES - Bones turned an unknown crowd in Central Ohio his way with sheer quality bars and performance. Bones has a ton of potential if he consistently battles.

#7. TAE DOE - Her small amount of battles and footage are in no way representative of the ranking this woman has in the culture. Tae Doe is a problem.

#8. JULIAN THOMAS - This is a battle rapper who has shown potential to have a solid career in the game.

#9. T-MATTE - A solidified presence across the state gives him this position for certain and primes him for a rise in the rankings.

#10. KING CHI - This battler could easily rise in the rankings of Ohio Battle Rap with more participation.