northeast top 20 in views

#1. YOUNG SMURF - 383,000 views in 31 Battles for a 12,000 view per battle ratio.

#2. QUEEN VIXEN - 339,000 views in 21 Battles for a 16,000 view per battle ratio.

#3. CHETTA - 320,000 views in 12 Battles for a 26,000 view per battle ratio.

#4. FONZ - 194,000 views in 12 Battles for a 16,000 view per battle ratio.

#5. DALLAS CASH - 184,000 views in 56 Battles for a 3,000 view per battle ratio.

#6. LADY MEATRICE - 166,000 views in 14 Battles for a 12,000 view per battle ratio.

#7. FLAWLESS - 156,000 views in 28 Battles for a 5,500 view per battle ratio.

#8. ELL OH ESS - 115,000 views in 36 Battles for a 3,000 view per battle ratio.

#9. BLACK GEMINI - 97,000 views in 28 Battles for a 3,500 view per battle ratio.

#10. RYDADIE TY - 96,000 views in 13 Battles for a 7,000 view per battle ratio.

#11. TWIZTED MIND - 89,000 views in 18 Battles for a 5,000 view per battle ratio.

#12. BOBBY O - 79,000 views in 41 Battles for a 2,000 view per battle ratio.

#13. CEDARSIDE MONE - 62,000 views in 22 Battles for a 3,000 view per battle ratio.

#14. SCIZAS - 49,000 views in 35 Battles for a 1,500 view per battle ratio.

#15. KILLA - 44,000 views in 16 Battles for a 2,500 view per battle ratio.

#16. REFEREE NELSON - 36,000 views in 9 Battles for a 4,000 view per battle ratio.

#17. KASHMONEY - 36,000 views in 19 Battles for a 2,000 view per battle ratio.

#18. VEG VILLA - 34,000 views in 20 Battles for a 1,500 view per battle ratio.

#19. GAMBLE - 35,000 views in 13 Battles for a 2,500 view per battle ratio.

#20. RICH THAWTZ - 30,000 views in 15 Battles for a 2,000 view per battle ratio.

northeast top 15 in accomplishments

#1. FONZ – Fonz has cemented his spot at the top of Ohio Battle Rap by winning the first ever URL Ultimate Madness 25K tournament that launched him into the limelight this year. He recently battled Ave on Born Legacy 11 in what most are calling a classic battle. Prior to this year he leveraged his great performances in his 3 URL PG shots into a steady stream of URL main stage battles. He took on J Morr at Survivor Series: DMV, then Duce at Born Legacy 6 further proving his ability and need for elevation in the culture shortly after that.  His talent convinced Smack to bring the biggest platform in battle rap to Cleveland for the first time ever with Fonz vs Jai400Block on that Born Legacy card. Already in talks to get on more big URL cards, it doesn’t look like Fonz is slowing down anytime soon.

#2. CHETTA – Chetta has three QOTR appearances that are undeniable and include easily the biggest win on a major platform in female Ohio Battle Rap versus 40 Barrs.  Chetta also has two battles on The Trap as well in her short battle career. Recently she battled what many consider the best female battler in the world, O'fficial, and had what many are calling the best women's one rounder this year. Debo of QOTR has said she is very much so in the plans for them in 2021.

#3. QUEEN VIXEN – Vixen is one of the pioneers of female Ohio Battle Rap in Bar4Bar with a resume including Bonnie Godiva, Tori Doe, Shooney Da Rapper, Robin Rhymes, Morawsha, Mz Lisa, Nina Nicole, and many more. Recently Queen even added Ms Hustle & Viixen the Assassin to her Battle Rap portfolio. Her list of platforms includes three QOTR appearances, GoRilla Warfare, We Go Hard, and others.

#4. YOUNG SMURF - A Battle Rapper who is fully debatable for higher status is the NE Region's view king, Young Smurf. While views are a huge indication of his prowess, Young Smurf has branded opponents to his credit in Young Kannon, Chef Trez, Mr. Millz, Sammy Wild 100s, & a recent battle versus Moon that was an amazing performance. He has performed on stages like The Trap, AHAT Missouri, Gates of the Garden, & multiple KOTD GZ battles as well. His KOTD connection even yielded a GZ Battle Card in Cleveland, Ohio  and not long ago he made his main stage debut on RBE 1sk vs Lady J.

#5. DALLAS CASH - Dallas Cash may very well hold the platform title in Ohio for most stages touched by one battler. Five KOTD GZ battles, five Grindtime No Coast appearances, Dont Flop, Black Ice Cartel, and even AngryFan Radio among many others. His resume includes battles versus Ill Will, Franchise, Ty Law, Carter Deems, Ness Lee, Isaac Knox and Michigunn among others. His consistency is his main validity to a resume only missing the big name opponents and a major platform main stage appearance.

#6. ELL OH ESS - Los is an intriguing battler who has a wide range of skills in the ring and a wide range of performance levels as well. In his recent focused state, Ell Oh Ess is an imposing figure in the ring with a versatility unmatched by many on any level of the game. This skillset is on full display versus Jay Lopez in first URL PG shot that was released on the platform. He has since had another PG and battled Chef Trez on Bar4Bar. After taking 2020 off for the most part we hope to see him back active this upcoming year.

#7. FLAWLESS - Flawless has a resume that includes two QOTR battles and an opponent list that has QB Black Diamond, Melato Black, and Mz Lisa among others. Yet another female battler from the NE Region over 100K views and with multiple major platform appearances makes this easily the most difficult region to rank in this category.

#8. LADY MEATRICE - Meatrice has a high quality resume that includes three QOTR battles and a matchup with major platform battler Norma Bayts among others. This combined with a 100K view count in only ten matchups solidifies her status in Ohio Battle Rap and makes the case for a spot or two higher here. She also has an upcoming battle against Danny Myers so her 2021 is off to a great start.

#9. GAMBLE - Gamble is a very hot battle rapper at the moment. Gamble had a Midwest PG drop and more recently advanced in URLs Crucible tournament after impressing the judges at the Midwest stop of the first round. He also carries battles with Tink Da Demon and Mr Mills on his resume. 2021 looks to be the year Gamble takes the next step if he takes advantage of the exposure he'll get from the Crucible.

#10. BLACK GEMINI - Black Gemini has battled URL's Steams, Dre Dennis, Mr. Mills and Bangz among others. His platform resume has Gates of the Garden, The Trap, and We Go Hard as well. Gemini looks primed for a major platform break through soon.

#11. KASHMONEY - Kashmoney is debatable for a higher posiution in the NE Region. He's had a KOTD GZ battle and also destroyed Moon in a Bar4Bar contest. More recently he battle Dre Dennis on Cabin Fever on Bar4Bar. Kash has also appeared on The Trap and various other leagues throughout his career. A victim of his ability, the most difficult thing now is for the battle rap killer to find credible opponents willing to risk their status versus the up and comer with the very bright future. Not long ago he had his first PG on URL and only time will tell if his journey continues on it’s upward trajectory.

#12. REFEREE NELSON - Ref has battled Real Deal, Showoff, and Danja Zone among other tough Bar4Bar competition as well. The only thing missing from his resume is a major platform debut and some league variety to his battling appearances and this was almost completed with a booked URL PG in Atlanta that ended up being called off at the last minute. Since then he's taken a step back from battling and is now the manager of Fonz, one of the more notable graphic designers in the culture and he recently got recruited to be a part of the URL Crucible marketing team and URLTV app marketing team as well. While his battle career has ended his impact in the culture is even greater since walking away.

#13. RYDADIE TY - Ryda has a resume highlighted by his monumental moment versus URL's Qleen Paper in his best performance to date. Ryda also has a definitive local legend solidification and credibility that are personified in his battles. His Midwest URL PG dropped too. Sammy Wild 100s is another of Ryda's opponent listings.

#14. CEDARSIDE MONE - Mone is a battler who has established himself on the local scene to the point that he is ironically one of his own league's(Bar4Bar)biggest draws. A solid resume and skill level makes him a strong candidate for a bright future if he goes full time. Holmzie Da God, Ty Law and Sammy Wild 100's are among his Battle Rap credentials.

#15. TWIZTED MIND - Twizted Mind has a huge win versus 40 Barrs on Bar4Bar to his credit. He also has 70K views in 17 battles and has earned a solidified level of credibility in the Ohio Battle Rap scene. Expansion of his brand in other markets and more name opponents seem to be the inevitable next moves for the promising battler.

northeast top 15 in current status

#1. FONZ - The only URL contracted Battle Rapper in Ohio has the biggest potential for the biggest battle by an Ohio Battler in the Region. Winning the Ultimate Madness 25K tournament and having a classic battle with Ave has made his lead even greater in Ohio Battle Rap status.

#2. CHETTA - The fast rising Battle Rapper is on the cusp of true female Battle Rap stardom. In her short career, Chetta has already won an intense matchup with the debatable queen of female Battle Rap, 40 Barrs and more recently O'fficial. She was on the QOTR/URL Royalty card as well. Another heavyweight matchup on a major platform seems to be in line soon for the rising star.

#3. DALLAS CASH - Another multiple KOTD/GZ Battle Rapper with a ton of experience and a very diverse skill set in the ring. Another NE Region Battler who could be on a KOTD card soon or at least will continue to get KOTD/GZ strong matchups. His main channel Isaac Knox battle drop & matchup with Franchise were both hopefully a signs of things to come.

#4. YOUNG SMURF - The KOTD/GZ Battler who brought KOTD to Cleveland and several Bar4Bar Battle Rappers to KOTD/GZ battles also could see his name ascend toward a bigger GZ matchup or even a mid tier main KOTD stage matchup next. Now with RBE under his belt he has shown he can extend his reach even further in the game.

#5. QUEEN VIXEN - The Queen's next hurdle is probably another big name matchup to add to her already plentiful resume, but on the main stage of QOTR or another major platform. This is a very realistic possibility.

#6. ELL OH ESS - An interesting talent that has the potential to be one of the best in the game. With multiple URL PGs, KOTD GZ's and a Chef Trez battle under his belt his status continues to rise up the list. URL has already booked Los for 2020.

#7. FLAWLESS - This Battle Rapper would be the #1 female in any other Region for certain. A fully debatable top 5 bio makes Flawless yet another top candidate for a big look soon on QOTR or another major platform. Her next battle is a great indication that major platforms are watching the fast rising star.

#8. LADY MEATRICE - I dislike the repetitiveness of this storyline, but the NE Region has a fourth young lady who has an impeccable resume and a probable next move of major name opponents and/or major platforms like QOTR or others.

#9. GAMBLE - Gamble is hot right now. After advancing to the next round of URLs Crucible tournament anything is possible in 2021. Look out for the rising star.

#10. KASHMONEY - Kashmoney is still hot right now in battle rap. One who has risen in the ranks and picked up a KOTD main channel drop as well as a URL PG in Cleveland. With a debatable battle with Dre Dennis now under his belt continued progression seems inevitable.

#11. RYDADIE TY - With a Midwest PG and a Qleen Paper victory on Bar4Bar not long ago RydaDie Ty has solidified his place in Cleveland battle rap history. The Qleen Battle provided a taste of Ryda's top level potential and hopefully he's back active in 2021.

#12. BLACK GEMINI - No telling where we may see Gemini battle at next, but the assumption is between the opponent and the platform, one or the other will probably be major.

#13. TWIZTED MIND - This Battle Rapper has an established presence that is primed to be capitalized off of very soon. A twist in the plot for this brilliant mind is in the making one would think.

#14. BOBBY O – Bob has one of the best work ethics in Ohio and although his status is not high as others his determination is undeniable. With a PG under his belt that unfortunately never got him momentum there and several battles on iBattle, WeGoHard and Verbal Warzone Bob continues to expand his horizons.

#15. CEDARSIDE MONE - With Holmzie Da God, Ty Law and Sammy Wild 100's on his resume and several Bar4Bar classics behind him he seems like the right choice to round out our list.

* The NorthEast District has a Top 15 in order to ensure the proper exposure for resumes that are due that respect. Once any division has more than 10 Battle Rappers with 10,000 views, we will extend it to 15.