#1. DEACON FROST - 1,800,000 views in 7 Battles for a 250,000 view per battle ratio. The Deacon is the current king of Ohio Battle Rap resumes. Too many top tier opponents on top of a URL first card appearance. Deacon Frost has 2 URL battles with enormous view counts as well as a Grindtime performance as well. His resume inlcudes Soul Khan, Big T, Cortez, Swave Sevah, SB, and more. Certainly the flagship battler for the NW Region and an Ohio Battle Rap pioneer for certain.

#2 TUT - 350,000 views in 15 Battles for a 24,000 view per battle ratio. Tut has battled on Grindtime, Scribble Jam, Rhyme Spitters & more. Tut's resume includes 2 versus TheSaurus, Illamculate, Amzilla, Mad Illz, Real Deal twice, Young Gattas, Fresco & more. His pioneer status makes him a certain Ohio legend.

#3. MIKE FLAMEZ - 650,000 views in 18 Battles for a 36,000 view per battle ratio. Mike Flamez has a battle resume with DNA, Quest McCody, G Souldier, and even Young Gattas on his list of opponents. Yet another pioneer for Ohio Battle Rap and a huge NW Regional mainstay.

#4. D-GUNNA - 410,000 views in 15 Battles for a 28,000 view per battle ratio. D-Gunna takes a top spot in OhioBattleRap as one of the original "name" battle rappers. D-Gunna has a URL PG battle dropped to his credit and also has a matchup with URL battler Danny Myers among his opponent listing.

#5 COPYWRITE - 150,000 views in 5 Battles for a 30,000 view per battle ratio. Copywrite has been on several platforms like Don't Flop, No Coast, Got beef, BOTZ 8 & more. His musical career and off camera resumes speak volumes to his skill level and ranking as an Ohio legend.

#6 NINA NICOLE - 35,000 views in 3 Battles for a 11,000 view per battle ratio. Nina Nicole is a female pioneer in the game who was the first person from Ohio to grace the stage of QOTR ever. She has since done music and has tons of credible writing credentials to her resume as well. For this & more, Nina Nicole is an Ohio legend.

#7. NU BREED - 642,000 views in 10 Battles for a 64,000 view per battle ratio. Nu-Breed has yet to get the big name battle his resume deserves, but his platform listing shows his potential with GoRilla Warfare, AHAT, and GrindTime among his credits.

#8. YOUNG BUTTA - 400,000 views in 5 Battles for a 80,000 view per battle ratio. Young Butta strung together almost a half million views in just five battles and solidified his local legend status during the process. Every battle holds weight of some sort as does the battle rappers name in his area.

#9. K.I.D. - 216,000 views in 3 Battles for a 70,000 view per battle ratio. Kid in only three battles amassed an insane 200K+ view total for a local legend battler and solidified his placement amongst the Ohio greats.

#10. Q NEMISIS - 220,000 views in 7 Battles for a 31,000 view per battle ratio. Q has always been "the people's champ" of Central Ohio. His 212,000 view monumental battle rap moment in his bout with Stichem Up is one of his shining moments as an OG in the OhioBattleRap culture.