#1. LADII TUNEZ - Ladii Tunez has battled all the top Ohio competition to grace the QOTR stage and more then held her own in all the matchups. Well deserving of a major platform look.

#2. J GEANS - A true local legend in his Region. With nearly a half a million views to his credit, J-Geans is just missing that big stage and/or "name" opponent. He has old and new regime battle rap wins to his resume's credit and is on fire on iBattle.

#3. BLAKK CHINA - Blakk China doesnt have any main stage appearances yet, but has battled Meatrice and Flawless among others and has amassed an immediate following in the game.

#4. NADI ALI - Nadi Ali actually was near a Bullpen debut already so its very realistic to see that happen in 2021. Also the Heartless Gang member battles on Bar4Bar a lot where several women have already made multiple appearances on QOTR.

#5. DANNY G - Danny G is a hard working Battle Rapper who has genuine talent. His resume is ever-growing and his activity combined with his skill level could be the needed formula for advancement.

#6. BIG CHAUNCEY - The Elite Battle Arena league owner has already made a huge push with his career in a short span of time battling several of Ohio's top gunners. To hold his own at that high level of competition shows the promise to advance in the game.

#7. SCOPES - Scopes is one of the hungriest Battle Rappers in OhioBattleRap. His passion for the culture is evident in his battles and in his presence at battles as well. His new found aggression combined with a savy pen game could propel him onto a major platform at some point.

#8. TWIZTED MIND - The unique battle rapper beat 40 Barrs among others on his resume. His penmanship is some of Ohio's best and he seems ready to take off.

#9. PRY THE GREAT - Pry is a dangerous battle rapper who has been testing himself versus some of the hottest talent in the game and holding his own. His ascension among the ranks of the game seems inevitable.

#10. PEACHEZ - Peachez battling with regularity very well could be all that she needs to get a shot on a major platform. As the Shotz Fired queen, Peachez is primed to receive quality matchups in an OhioBattleRap culture full of them. her Ladii Tunez & Nadi Ali battles show the potential in her.

* To qualify you can not have been on any of these stages: URL, PG's, KOTD, GZ's, RBE, 1sk's, QOTR, Bullpen.