top 10 females in views

#1. QUEEN VIXEN = 339,000 views in 21 Battles for a 16,000 view per battle ratio.

#2. CHETTA = 320,000 views in 12 Battles for a 26,000 view per battle ratio.

#3. LADY MEATRICE = 166,000 views in 14 Battles for a 12,000 view per battle ratio.

#4. FLAWLESS = 156,000 views in 28 Battles for a 5,500 view per battle ratio.

#5. LADII TUNEZ = 40,000 views in 15 Battles for a 2,700 view per battle ratio.

#6. BLAKK CHINA = 26,000 views in 7 Battles for a 3,700 view per battle ratio.

#7. NADI ALI = 25,000 views in 11 Battles for a 2,300 view per battle ratio.

#8. LOLA LO = 9,000 views in 4 Battles for a 2,300 view per battle ratio.

#9. PEACHEZ = 7,000 views in 5 Battles for a 1,400 per battle ratio.

#10. SHAY JONES = 1,800 views in 1 Battle.

top 10 females in accomplishments

#1. CHETTA - Chetta has the best per battle view ratio by far among the women. Chetta also has the biggest wins or debatables versus the biggest females in Battle Rap in 40 Barrs & O'fficial. She has been on Queen of the Ring three times & The Trap NY twice.

#2. QUEEN VIXEN - has been on Queen of the Ring 3 times, Go-Rilla Warfare, & We Go Hard. Queen Vixen has faced competition like Ms. Hustle, Bonnie Godiva, Tori Doe, Robin Rhymes, Shooney Da Rapper, Morawsha, Mz Lisa, & more.

#3. FLAWLESS - Flawless has two QOTR appearances & one on The Trap to her credit as well as opponent listing including QB Black Diamond, Melato Black, and Mz Lisa among others. A twenty four battle veteran who is over 100K in views. Her next battle is a sign of her ascension to Royalty in Battle Rap.

#4. LADY MEATRICE - Lady Meatrice is another 100K view battler who averages over 10K per outing. She has three QOTR battles on her resume and an opponent list highlighted by Norma Bayts. Her upcoming Danny Myers bout is another example of her ascension in the game.

#5. BLAKK CHINA - Black China doesnt have any main stage appearances yet but has battled Meatrice and Flawless among others and has amassed an immediate following in the game.

#6. LADII TUNEZ - Ladii Tunez has yet to get a major platform battle but has been in the ring with Queen Vixen among others. 

#7. NADI ALI - Nadi Ali has created a strong buzz around her name in a very quick timeframe. A passionate battler who can be disrespectful in her approach leaves her presence felt after each outing.

#8. PEACHEZ - Peachez is a puncher who hits hard and often, providing a formula that has worked well in her battles so far on camera. Her career looks promising as she has more battles coming soon.

#9. LOLA LO - Lola Lo is a battler who is only four battles into her career but who has averaged a solid view per battle countcoming out of seemingly nowhere. Her level of respect has risen as has her view count and overall status.

#10. TAE DOE - With only 2 battles online, Tae Doe has created an underground buzz that is unusual for someone with so little footage. An obviously talented performer with a bright future in the culture.

top 10 females in current status

#1. CHETTA - The newly crowed queen of Ohio Battle Rap is the highest viewed female and has the biggest wins/battles of anyone on a major platform in Ohio male or female versus 40 Barrs & O'fficial.

#2. QUEEN VIXEN - The resume speaks for its self. With a multitude of platform appearances and a long list of major platform level opponents, Queen Vixen is a key move or two away from further ascension.

#3. FLAWLESS - The bronze medal is a close call between Flawless and Lady Meatrice, but the diversity in major platforms and major platform opponents gives Flawless the nod.

#4. LADY MEATRICE - This lady is a close finisher for the bronze placement here. Even as the number four female battler in Ohio overall, it can be clearly stated that she has some legitimate distance between her and the rest of the competition when comparing resumes.

#5. BLAKK CHINA - This battle rapper proves that regardless of resume, she can compete with the upper echelon of Ohio Battle Rap. Probably next up for a major platform and/or opponent.

#6. LADII TUNEZ - This ladii has been in the ring with Ohio's best and has performed well in all her battles.

#7. NADI ALI - This young hungry battle rapper seems destined to rise in the rankings of Ohio Battle Rap even further.

#8. TAE DOE - Tae Doe is a pen heavy battler who I expect to take off in 2021.

#9. PEACHEZ - The knockout artist herself looks poised to force her way up the rankings of Ohio Battle Rap if she gets active.

#10. LOLA LO - If this woman was to focus and go on a run of battle rap appearances, I could see her rising in the ranks as well with her talent base.