central top 10 in views

#1. STICHEM UP - 229,000 views in 17 Battles for a 13,000 view per battle ratio.

#2. J SLASH - 150,000 views in 30 Battles for a 5,000 view per battle ratio.

#3. GHOSTT - 35,000 views in 11 Battles for a 3,200 view per battle ratio.

#4. SAV - 28,000 views in 22 Battles for a 1,300 view per battle ratio.

#5. NADI ALI - 25,000 views in 11 Battles for a 2,300 view per battle ratio.

#6. SKITZO BLANCO - 23,200 views in 9 Battles for a 2,600 view per battle ratio.

#7. AR GREEN - 21,400 views in 16 Battles for a 1,400 view per battle ratio.

#8. D MO - 20,900 views in 14 Battles for a 1,500 view per battle ratio.

#9. ANUE - 20,300 views in 10 Battles for a 2,000 view per battle ratio.

#10. SNEEZEY-BO - 15,000 views in 7 Battles for a 2,200 view per battle ratio.

central top 10 in accomplishments

#1. J SLASH - J Slash is easily the most accomplished Central Ohio Battle Rapper and has one of the best resumes in the entire State of Ohio. With 2 Battle drops out of his 3 URL PG Battles versus Apollo, GLowe, & Duce, J Slash in is a rare space in Ohio history with multiple URL Battles on the channel. Other major platform experience like 2 1sk's on RBE, BBBL matchups with URL's Glueazy & HA Double, a Shotz Fired battle versus Bad Newz, plus a ton of wins highlighted by PG Skillet, Blake Winters, ReUp Snub, Kash Only and others gives the resume depth as well. 

#2. GHOSTT - Ghostt had a room shaking performance versus URL's Ghost. Ghostt also has had strong performances on iBattleWW & other platforms. With a recent classic battle versus URL star Chef Trez on Shotz Fired, Ghostt is on his way back to the URL stage he began his career on with an out of nowhere, random performance during a Summer Madness event. As a matter of fact, Ghostt has recently won on URL Unity and made the 1st rd of the URL Crucible as well. 

#3. SNEEZEY-BO - "Bo Berg" has had the fastest, craziest ascension in Ohio Battle Rap I have ever seen. 7 battles into his career and a lil over 1 year in the game, Sneezey has already risen to the cusp of Battle Rap major platform stardom. His URL Crucible 1st Rd accomplishment combined with his resume including Pretty Hippie, Ghost, Dess650, Ell Oh Ess and more for a debatabley undefeated record shows why he is red hot in the culture. His upcoming battle vs Real Sikh on iBattle is a testament to that.

#4. STICHEM UP - Stich has always been known as one of the more intricate writers in all of Ohio Battle Rap. Recently Stichem Up has pushed his pen versus 3 URL battlers on Shotz Fired in Glueazy, Casino(Cincy) & J Slash. With a classic under his belt also on Shotz Fired versus URL's Ell Oh Ess as well as an older 200K view local battle, Stichem Up earns his stellar ranking.

#5. SKITZO BLANCO - Skitzo Blanco has 9 Battles with 1 of them on iBattleWW and has already built a cult-like following on the local battle scene that is evident in his views per battle and door presence. The unique battler is a true hip hop hidden gem. His most recent battles versus URL's Fonz, ReUp Snub, & Ell Oh Ess displayed his ability to stand toe to toe with some of battle rap's best.

#6. SAV - Sav is the most experienced local battle rap scene battler in Central Ohio. He is one of the few with multiple URL opponent battles in matchups with Ty Law, Mr. Millz, Fonz & Gamble. Sav has also battled on Bar4Bar versus NE Region legend Scizas. One of the best pens in the Region & State make Sav a Battle Rapper with a bright future if focused on ascension. 

#7. AR GREEN - The Shotz Fired League Owner has made an obvious ascension in his pen with bar-heavy performances of late that show a new-found passion and level of pen/performance. With a battle versus KOTD/GZ Battler JBurna, a recent battle versus URL's G Lowe, URL's Goddie Lumenati and a Bar4Bar outing, AR Green is on the rise.

#8. ANUE - Anue aka "The Ohio Hit Man" raised his resume with a URL Battler win versus Moon. Anue has a unique style where his authenticity & complexity in his bars make his game spitting worth while. Matchups versus URL's G Lowe, Casino, Black Rain and more further displayed these qualities. 

#9. COLUMBUS NIX - A pioneer of the local battle rap scene and one of its first true local legends. Nix battled URL/PG-KOTD/GZ Battler Kashmoney & KOTD/GZ Young Smurf as well as several of the top battlers in Columbus during his reign. He even made a recent assertion into Bar4Bar for a different platform appearance out of town & battled URL's Rolla on Shotz Fired. 

#10. SCOPES - Scopes is an Ohio Battle Rap 1st generation star who has maintained his status from then into the current times of the culture. Scopes has an impressive outing versus Chef Trez under his belt among other quality outings against Ohio Battle Rap top competition.

central top 10 in current status

#1. J SLASH - J Slash has 3 URL PG Battles, 2 URL PG drops, Battles with URL Battlers Glueazy & HA Double, 2 RBE 1SK's and more among his 30 battles. His most recent battles being Shotz Fired classic wins versus Bad Newz and KJay Too Real as well as his 2nd RBE 1sk. Look for his 3rd RBE battle in early to mid 2021 to show his graduation out of the 1sk's. 

#2. SNEEZEY-BO - Sneezey-Bo has had the fastest rise in Ohio Battle Rap history. Bo Berg has already garnered the co-signatures of Norbes, Lexx Luthor & many many more. Sneezey only needs more "name" opponents like his next matchup versus URL's Real Sikh for a flawless resume. It can be said that the man hasn't lost a battle yet. He's the hottest battler in the Region and one of the hottest in the State.

#3. GHOSTT - Ghostt brought an immediate fanbase to the game with only a front porch, random youtube appearance to his name. He impressed Mickey Factz & Math Hoffa among many others in his somewhat monumental moment. The battler who started with a random URL Summer Madness stage performance is now so hot he 2-1 edged URL Star Chef Trez. The sky is the limit for Ghostt.

#4. STICHEM UP - Stichem Up maintains a highly ranked position in the Central Region as a top pen, as a pioneer in the local battle scene, and as a current, genuinely talented Battle Rapper who is back on the rise.

#5. ANUE - Anue has had, does have, and seemingly always will have a solid, quality standing in the Central Region Battle scene. Anue has a quality major platform opponent battle with URL's Moon in which he won and had more of the same in his matchup versus URL's G Lowe. Among his initial battles Bullpen's Casino was an opponent on his resume.

#6. SCOPES - Scopes battled Bizzy D in a punch-fest barnburner of a matchup as well as Chef Trez. He even branched out and had multiple performances in Cincinnati as well. Scopes has shown signs of elevation in his aggression to go with a heavy pen. This formula should lead to immediate progression for the Battler. 

#7. D MO - The bully is a deceptively versatile Battler with freestyle skills, aggression, performance, stage presence and more all in his bag of Battle Rap tools. If D Mo steps up his platforms and/or major platform opponents, his rise is almost guaranteed.

#8. NADI ALI - The female Arsonal is a battler the scene looks for who has made a presence in the Central Region as well as on Bar4Bar among other platforms. Her status has been raised and is evident in her views per battle ratio. Major platforms and major opponents are next in line for the Queen of the Central Region. 

#9. AR GREEN - AR has battled on Bar4Bar and had great outings versus URL's G Lowe & Goddie Lumenati. With KOTD/GZ's J Burna on his resume & more, AR Green looks to touch more and major platforms while battling quality opponents at home from time to time like his next battle versus URL's Don Marino.

#10. ABM SHOOT - The shooter is in the house. ABM Shoot is an amazing Battle Rapper who only needs to attack his craft with more consistency to elevate his status in the game. If ABM takes shots at major platform opponents, his progression will be immediate.